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At last business and government leaders have direct access to customised Indigenous contract services and labour solutions

Everything you need to meet today’s Aboriginal Participation in Construction (APIC) and Social License to Operate (SLO) imperatives is here!


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If you need projects completed and value social inclusion, choose the professionals at Goanna Services

Heads of government agencies, leaders of Public and Private Projects (PPP) and CEOs of forward thinking corporations come to us for positive outcomes and to help meet social inclusion requirements.

We provide you with customised contract services and labour solutions in the building, operation, maintenance and care of land, and infrastructure asset fields.

Why we are so sought after… because our people and resources are ready, willing and able to deliver competitive and reliable products and services across NSW and Victoria.

We deliver quality work for you that maintains your operational and reputational performance.

Our workers – be it via contract services or labour solutions – follow our TRIBAL philosophy which means you can rely on them.

All team members have bought into a CONTRIBUTION and SAFETY CULTURE that gives them the opportunity to provide their talent, energy, experience and skills. They are committed to contributing to their personal, team, company and your success.

Our TRIBAL philosophy gives you peace of mind you have the RIGHT team supporting you because they are:

T: Trained & Trusted
R: Reliable
I: Invested
B: Believed & Belong
A: Accountable Achievement
L: Loyal/LeadA’s

What Clients Say About Our Work Together

“As a leading industry player focused on developing key technical skills for Australia’s infrastructure projects, we have formed a strong and rewarding relationship with Goanna Services for us both to play our part in developing talent pools of capable and diverse workers.”

Robyn Delander

CEO - Health& Safety Advisory Service

“As leaders in waste and environmental services we are experiencing a shortage of available work talent. We are working closely with Goanna Services to develop future work talent and contractor services that are capable, local & diverse, to support our business and industry supply chain.”

Chris Dickson

Toxfree: National Business Development Manager

“We work closely with Goanna Services to get experienced and new entrant workers supporting their contract service work. The team at Goanna services are professional, they CARE and are fun to work with.”

Jeff Sollitt

Regional Manager, Hunter NSW, Salvation Army Employment Plus.

What Goanna Services TRIBAL WorkAs Say

Best of the best? Or want to develop into a great PlayA? If you think you have what it takes to join our work family, click the button below for more information. A bright future is there waiting for you to claim…

Why Goanna Services at a Glance

The 7 Reasons Why Clients Say they Choose Us

1. Confidence – Trusted source for indigenous workers who play to win and are TRIBAL – we’ve got each other’s back!

2. Outcomes – Industry-specific solutions, both customised project/contract services and labour hire solutions

3. Can-do – Extensive network of industry and Indigenous contacts means a solution is possible!

4. Compliance – helps you meet operational, aspirational, APIC and SLO requirements while adding value to your business/project and the communities served

5. Ease – an outsourced and cost-effective solution while creating a social legacy of which you will be proud

6. Genuine care – you partner with our work family who want success for you and our talented team – for us it’s about building long-term relationships, not completing a transaction or project

7. Speed – we are willing and ready to go now to meet your needs